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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs At Home

Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover

With bed bug infestation on the rise, getting a bed bug proof mattress cover can help offer protection for your bed from becoming a lair for bed bugs, mites and fleas.

Tiny, bloodthirsty and relentless, bed bugs are feasting on hapless sleepers and have become a nightmare for millions for people who woke up itching and realizing they have been bitten by these hardy pests.

If you are concerned about bed bugs and would like to take steps to protect yourself and your family members, a bed bug mattress cover is often one of the non-toxic defense tools that pest control experts recommend getting for prevention against bed bugs and their bites.

Does A Bed Bug Mattress Cover Work To Stop Bed Bugs?

Bed bug mattress covers cannot prevent bed bugs but can aid in providing protection, according to Dini M. Miller, Ph.D., an associate professor in Urban Pest Management at Virginia Tech’s Department of Entomology who spoke with MSNBC on the topic.

“Bed bugs can still get on top of the mattress cover or harbor in the bed frame,” she warns consumers. “The advantage of the mattress cover is that if you already have bed bugs, you can trap them inside the cover and they cannot bite through. If you don’t have bed bugs, the cover saves you from having to throw out the mattress if you ever get bed bugs.”

How Do Bed Bug Mattress Covers Prevent Bed Bugs?

As previously discussed, bed bug mattress covers do not “get rid of” bed bugs, but getting a bed bug encasement cover as a proactive preventive measure is not such a bad idea if you want to protect your assets in the event of an infestation.

Having an allergy relief cover can also be a good buffer against mites and allergens absorbing into the mattress as well. Some slightly paranoid travelers bring bed bug mattress covers with them to encase the hotel bed and protect themselves from evening intruders.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bed Bug Mattress Cover

When shopping for a bed bug mattress cover, there are several factors to keep in mind before making the purchase.

Be sure that you choose one that effectively encases the entire mattress that you currently have. Obviously the one you choose will be dependent on the size of the bed you sleep on. In addition, be sure the mattress cover have secure zipper technology that will work effectively in preventing bugs from getting in or out. If you want to have peace of mind, then you may also consider getting zip covers for your pillows and bolsters as well.

Another thing to consider is comfort which means getting a a cotton hypo-allergenic cover with a thread count of at least in the 300 range.

Note: Having the covers to encase your mattress can help provide immediate relief against bed bug bites but does not kill the bugs. It is recommended that one keeps the covers on for at least a year to completely eliminate any existing bed bugs or their eggs that are hidden deep inside the mattress since bed bugs are known to be able to survive for several months without feeding on a host.

For the bed bug mattress cover to be effective, one will also need to:

  • Isolate the bed away from the wall to prevent bed bugs from crawling from the wall onto the bed.
  • Employ “Climbup Interceptor” to the legs of the bed frame or apply double-sided duct tape around the bottom of the bed frame to act as sticky barrier from the crawling bugs.
  • Prevent any clothing or items hang off the bed and touch the floor.

As an added protection, one may also consider applying Diatomaceous Earth around the room and bed to defend your perimeters.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers Review

Luna Mattress Encasement

Luna Bed Bug Mattress EncasementLuna Mattress Encasement also protects the mattress from liquids, urine, bed bugs, mites and allergens. The manufacturer say consumers will appreciate the hypoallergenic cotton terry cover, their air-flow technology, the noiseless “invisi-lay protection,” and the fact that it is not a vinyl mattress protector, which can become very hot to lie upon. Treat your bed with a product that is made in America that comes with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing and fabric defects.

SafeRest Mattress Cover

The SafeRest Mattress Cover offers premium protection from: bed bugs, urine, spills, dust mites, and allergens. The cover boasts a 360 degree “Secure Zipper” technology that prevents the zipper from shifting or pulling back, thus preventing pests any chance of escape in or out. The tiny nature of the micro-zipper is so small that even a stage 1 nymph cannot pass through.

The cotton terry surface also absorbs and dries moisture, while the hypoallergenic barrier promises a cool night’s sleep that does not squeak. The waterproof invisi-shield product leaves behind no residue and works fine for an innerspring, memory foam, or latex mattress. The SafeRest mattress cover also comes with a 10-year quality assurance warranty as well.

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  • James

    I am definitely going to buy this. Bedbugs have ruined my life and although I vacuum and clean my bed every day, I still see a few of these tiny bloodsuckers crawling on my bed the very next day.

  • Renee

    I had to get a good mattress cover as preventive care. It’s better to spend $75 for a good cover to protect an $800 Posturepedic. I suggest getting the covers that have secure zippers AND a velcro closure over it. It’s very secure and difficult for a grown person to open.

  • Samantha

    Bed bugs have become a nightmare in our house, literally. I am getting bitten everyday and now I just want it to stop. If getting a mattress cover can provide immediate respite then I am going to invest in one.

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