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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs At Home

Bed Bugs In Indianapolis

Bed Bugs In Indianapolis

Travelers coming to the city on business or to view the exciting Indy 500 have started a vigorous population of bed bugs in Indianapolis, at the same time as the stocky, bloodthirsty bugs have made a vast comeback across the whole United States. Somewhere in the stands set up for people to enjoy the adrenaline of the famous races, some six-legged “spectators” are also lurking, although they are interested only in the blood of the human patrons.

Indianapolis is clearly a bed bug infested city nowadays. The pests have been reported in hospitals, biting the patients. Furthermore, school districts have hired pest control experts to clear the bugs out of schools and school buses alike, showing that the resourceful insects are spreading through public transport just as they are in Detroit. The Circle City is not quite in the list of top ten bed bug havens in America, but it does place at 13th to 15th in various reports.

Bed bugs in Indianapolis have drawn strong educational efforts from Indiana University’s Environmental Health, Safety, and Management Office. Knowledge is power in the struggle to kill bed bugs and deal with the situation in a bed bug infested city. When it became clear that the bloodsucking insects were making a vigorous comeback, the Monroe County Health Department allied itself with Indiana University and various other local schools to make a bed bug task force dedicated to figuring out constructive measures and resources to be offered to the public.

The Monroe County Health Department is continuing its proactive efforts to help provide useful information and coordination to the anti-bed bug efforts in Indianapolis. Their bed bug survey is currently being used to collect data on the infestation so that it can be tracked and controlled more effectively. At the same time, Indiana University continues its mission to educate the public and give out the knowledge tools that one needs to fight back and prevail over these bugs.

If you are getting bitten in your home, this might be a sign that you might have bed bugs as uninvited boarders. Of course, there are other arthropods that don’t hesitate to sink a thirsty beak into human flesh, such as fleas and mosquitoes, so it’s best to make certain that you do indeed have bed bugs, so that you can use a targeted treatment that will be most effective against the problem.

How To Know If You Are Bitten By Bed Bugs

  • First, check what kind of bites you are getting. Bed bug bites often appear in clusters or rows and can itch for several days.
    • Bed Bugs Infested MattressClick here to see pictures of what bed bugs look like.
  • If you suspect you have been bitten by bed bugs, inspect your mattress. Examine the seams, creases and tufts of the mattress and box spring. Look for any live bugs, eggs, bug skeletons or droppings.
  • For homeowners, if you see proof of bed bugs, call an exterminator. For tenants, notify your landlord. If your landlord refuses to take action to remove bed bugs, you can call 311 to file a complaint.

Bed bugs are gifted hitchhikers and are usually transported from one location to another as people travel. Nothing can be worse than bringing home some unwanted souvenirs (that suck blood) during a get away or family vacation in the capital city of Indiana. Individuals traveling into Indianapolis are advised to take extra precautions by rolling up the bed sheets and comforters to see if there are any signs of bed bugs. Remember even some of the most luxurious five-star hotels and resorts can encounter an infestation once in a while and taking the necessary precautions can help prevent countless sleepless nights and savings of thousand of dollars in pest control treatments.

Reports Of Bed Bugs At Indianapolis Children’s Hospital

Quick Bed Bug Resources For Residents In Indianapolis

  • Professional supplies for treatment and prevention: http://www.getridofbedbugsathome.com/bed-bug-supply
  • Non-emergency complaint line: 311
  • Monroe County Health Department bed bug survey: http://www.co.monroe.in.us/tsd/Community/HealthDepartment/EnvironmentalProtection/BedBugs.aspx
  • Bed bug info from the Indiana government: http://www.in.gov/isdh/24605.htm
  • Indiana State Entomology Lab (for identifying bugs only): 1-317-351-7190
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