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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs At Home

Bed Bugs Treatment

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Finding bed bugs treatment methods that work for you can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Bed bugs can be a formidable foe that even the professionals may struggle to effectively eliminate. However, finding the right bed bugs treatment at home can often require a combination of several forms of treatment.

Treatment Methods For Getting Rid of Bed Bug Infestation At Home

If you stay in a house or an apartment, there are several methods that you can incorporate in order to effectively get rid of bed bugs that have infested your home.

  • Removing all of your bedding, clothing, shoes, and even stuffed animals is amongst the first steps in your bed bugs treatment protocol. These items should be placed in sealed bags for up to a month, or washed at a very high temperature and then sealed in airtight bins or bags until the infestation has been dealt with.
  • A thorough cleaning of your home and reduction of clutter around the room can help to get rid of bed bugs as well as reduce the number of places where they can hide. Remember that while they do tend to prefer your bed as their primary home, bed bugs can also breed in other areas such as the sofa, armchair or even the dressing table; especially if their feeding host is just sleeping nearby.
  • Steam and other heat treatment for bed bugs can be hugely effective. Hand-held steam devices can help you to blast steam into crevices and cracks that may otherwise prove difficult to treat. A steam treatment will also be an effective treatment for bed bug infestations on your mattresses and other household furniture.
  • Using non-toxic insecticides such as Steri-fab can help one to get rid of bed bugs in your home; just be sure to carefully follow the suggested guidelines offered by the manufacturers.
  • Special allergy proof mattress and box spring encasement products can be used to protect your bed from bed bug infestations. Sealing your mattress with a bed bug proof mattress encasement will help prevent bed bug bites and eventually kill any bed bugs and eggs that are trapped within.
  • Natural remedy products like mint, lavender, and diatomaceous earth will offer you effective bed bugs treatment options. Strong smelling herbs will naturally repel bed bugs, while diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled around the room to act as defense barrier and will slice into the exoskeleton of the bugs; effectively dehydrating and killing them.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment And Cost

Calling in a professional pest exterminator can be very beneficial to your bed bugs treatment plans. Some may hesitate to call in the pros; however, there are a few good reasons why you should consider them.
Professional Bed Bug Treatment

  • Professional pest control experts have vast experience with treatment for bed bug infestations.
  • The bed bugs treatment products and equipments they use will help to quickly guarantee the success of every operation.
  • Many professionals have the knowledge and know-how to treat the house or room with chemicals without causing any damage to the environment or your furniture.
  • Since it often takes more than one treatment to completely eradicate a bed bug infestation, professionals will be able to set you on a schedule in order to help you remove the infestation and help to prevent future outbreaks.
  • Bed bug treatments costs are not always unreasonably high, despite what some may believe. When you work with a professional exterminator, you will be able to find a treatment protocol that not only works for your home but also works for your available budget.
  • A professional exterminator can also offer prevention tips so that you can work towards ensuring that your home is not invaded again by these terrible little pests.

By hiring an exterminator to treat your home every few months, and following a few basic methods of home treatment, you will be able to get rid of bed bugs and keep them out of your home.

Treatment For Bed Bug Bites And Rash On Skin

One of the first tell-tale signs of an infestation of bed bugs is going to be the bites and the resulting rash on your skin. Many people are allergic to bed bugs so their reactions might be somewhat more severe.

  • Treatment for bed bug bites is very similar to other itchy bites on your skin, with the first step being to carefully clean the affected area with an antibacterial soap.
  • Applying an antibiotic skin cream, available over the counter, can help to stave off a potential infection; especially if you accidentally scratched the bites.
  • One of the most effective bed bugs rash treatment products is any over-the-counter antihistamine produce that will reduce swelling and itchiness.

Note: Before you go get treated for the bites, make sure you aren’t getting bitten by fleas or ticks. Check out photos of bed bugs, what their bites look like and how to identify telltale symptoms of bed bugs.

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  • Jim Blankenship

    I’ve recently read something about just how widespread bed bugs are. Gives me the creepy-crawlies. On the plus side, it’s helped motivate my kids to keep their rooms clean!

  • Daragh

    Excellent idea Jim! Bed bugs are a great way to encourage the kids to tidy their room lol. I guess they’re scary things. Thanks for laying out all the options in this article. I’ve shared this article with a few other parents so they are prepared if/ why the bed bugs come knockin!

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