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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs At Home

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

Losing sleep over bed bugs? Learn about effective, natural and environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of bed bugs from our homes.

With the horrible epidemic of the rising population of bed bugs invading homes and apartments, waking up in the morning itching with bite marks on our face, arms and body may immediately brings to mind that there are bed bugs crawling in the mattress.

While it may be comforting to know that the tiny biting bugs do not transmit any diseases or pose any serious health issues, many people find them disgusting and their presence in our homes can be very distressing.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) warns that one should be careful about choosing chemicals for the application and extermination of the bugs. Some pesticides are toxic and harmful to us and our family’s health. The suggested approach is called Integrated Pest Management and the use of common sense, non-toxic methods and natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs.

Integrated Pest Management

Bed bugs can be very persistent and can hide in tiny spaces, avoiding our efforts to detect and kill them. They have very strong survival instinct and can live without food for many months, making the elimination of the bugs a tough but not impossible task if done correctly.

Effective exterminating of the bugs requires what is described as Integrated Pest Management approach. Part of Integrated Pest Management is to work in eliminating the pests in several stages with the most economical means without posing any hazard to the people, property and the environment.

Integrated Pest Management begins with detection, monitoring and identification of the pest, prevention, elimination and control (without poison).

Getting Rid Of Bed BugsIf one suspect that one may be plagued by bed bugs, the first step is to confirm the presence of the bugs and not some other insects by inspecting the mattress and the bedroom. Look for any possible signs of bed bugs along the seams, edges and labels of the mattress as well as underneath the box spring and behind the baseboard. If bed bugs are detected, homeowners and tenants are encouraged to clean and eliminate unnecessary clutter around the room to limit possible hiding spaces for the bloodsucking pests.

Good integrated pest management also means using a variety of removal methods for the control and extermination of the bugs. While there are a number of chemicals available on the market that are advertised for eliminating bed bugs, EPA suggests that we carefully read the label to learn how to use them safely and to make sure that they are actually meant for the removal of bed bugs. Whenever possible, it is always better to use non-chemical and non-toxic methods, to avoid endangering our health.

Below are five suggested effective, natural and environmentally friendly methods for getting rid of bed bugs in our homes:

1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming with a powerful vacuum cleaner is one of the best and safest ways of getting rid of bed bugs out of their hiding spaces. We might not see them, but vacuum cleaner can suck them out of cracks in the baseboards, from the carpet, wallpaper and all other nooks and crannies where they hide between feedings. If one suspect that one has bed bugs in the house, daily vacuuming will be able to radically limit their number if not eliminate them completely.

2. Thermal Steam Treatment

Knowing bed bugs physiology and the fact that they cannot survive temperatures higher than 115°F give us a powerful tool for their natural and environmentally friendly termination. Using a bed bug steamer, the hot steam from the cleaner can ensure swift treatment for all furniture and mattress while killing all bed bugs and their eggs that are hidden deep in the cracks and crevices.

3. Non-Toxic Bed Bug Sprays

EPA has registered and approved about 200 natural bed bug treatment products that are safe and effective. Most are pyrethroids, organic compounds similar to pyrethrins, insecticide made from chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethroids are safe to humans and the environment and are very effective insecticides. One of the most commercially used and popular bed bug spray is Steri-fab, which is a U.S EPA approved non-toxic bed bug killer. Steri-fab is water-based, fast drying and is safe for both children and pets.

4. Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover

Special bed bug mattress covers are allergy proof covers made of very dense fabric, that keep mattresses protected from any bug or bacterial infestation. The covers not only prevent bed bugs from getting in your mattress, but will at the same time prevent existing bugs already hiding inside the mattress from getting out to feed on your blood. Once used, a bed bug mattress cover has to be sealed for at least a year to completely kill off all bugs and eggs, since bed bugs can survive for many months without feeding.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

A common pest control product, Diatomaceous Earth is very abrasive powder made of crushed fossilized shells of diatoms, tiny algae. The sharp particles of the powder cuts and dehydrates the waxy cuticle of any bugs that comes into contact with the powder, causing them to asphyxiate and die. The best way for preventing and getting rid of bed bugs is to apply diatomaceous earth under the bed or use them as barriers around the bed or room where possible bed bug activities are detected. Plus, diatomaceous earth lasts virtually forever if left untouched so it will provides continuous, long-term effective control against bed bugs.

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  • phillip

    I just got out of the marine corp when I got home my current girlfriend now fiancee had bed bugs so one night I stayed up late with a flash light and caught a few of these little bastards and experimented on them with house hold cleaners windex works the best you watch them die right in front of your eyes this may sound like torture but I assure you they deserve everything they get so I suggest spraying everything down with windex let soak the clean thoroughly with hot water worked for us we are still together and spent less on winded than a exterminator

  • generous1guitar

    diatomaceous earth WORKS and is CHEAP from a pet store also works on ANTS because under a microscope it is jagged/sharp and dry dry i own apartments and used to be TERRIFIED by bed bugs because there is a new law in arizona that landlords are responsible for replacing beds couches and carpet in apartments no matter who brought them in this method will give you tranquility after youve been VIOLATED by bed bugs KNOW that you will prevail and that you have persistence on your side i think bed bugs hatch every 7-10 days and the eggs are VERY hard to kill so you must retreat every 10-14 days use DE (diatomaceous earth) around your baseboards to keep them from coming and going from your walls sprinkle it liberally on your bedframe and into your mattress and use a mattress cover with the bedbug label (walmart $27-35) wash and dry all your clothes, use a commercial steamer on suits and ties and couches, in the cracks in wood furniture where the wood pieces are joined, sprinkle carpet liberally or consider replacing with tile, remove your electric outlet plates and throw a small handful of DE diatomaceous eart in the socket/outlet box (put a piece of tape over the cord plug holes first) AND KNOW YOU WILL PREVAIL! THE BUGS WILL LOSE!

  • heather

    i have had bed bugs for ever i live in a apt and they have heated it and i have had a pest contol come in and still only worked for a bit bc they only do my apt not everyone in my building i dont know what else to do i know bleach works but im to the point to leave everything and move

  • Michelle

    I’m assuming we brought ours from storage. Haven’t seen many but they r here.. Had Orkin come out but that was a waste of money.. What ever u you do don’t ever call them, they suck “no punn intended.. Going to try everything that I just read about.. Wish me luck…

  • diana

    i thought I was the only person paranoid at the bugs I bought a mattress from a neighbor and 3 days later I started getting bit that was 1 month ago i threw away the mattress and used a spray clorox with water everyday and night I look for the little creeps I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one I thought I was going crazy, thanks

  • Jerry

    We just found out a week ago that we had an infestation. I stayed up till midnight with a bottle of alcohol and sprayed all of them while everyone was sleeping. The next day I vacuumed a crap load. This is all a temporary solution. I just now bought the D.E. and put it ALL OVER OUR KIDS ROOM. The bugs are going nutts. They are crawling every where, it looks like it is working amazingly. Got the bag from Lowes, Garden State-Crawling Insect Killer. Read the reviews heard nothing but success storys. Its looking good so far

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