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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs At Home

How To Check For Bed Bugs

Learn how to check for signs of bed bugs both at home as well as in a hotel room so you can sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite at night.

What Are Bed Bugs, And Where Do They Come From?

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that burrow into mattresses and bedding and suck the blood of their victims while they sleep. They have evolved along with human beings, choosing us humans as their ideal source of food. Their bites while don’t spread disease can cause redness and intense itching.

No bigger than the size of apple seeds, bed bugs are experts at hiding and can hitch a ride back into one’s homes when one comes into contact with them. They have been known to plague hotel rooms, dormitories, offices, schools, theaters to clothing stores.

Entomologists says that the recent upsurge in the population of bed bugs are due to increased international and global travel as well as government restrictions on certain toxic pesticides that were once used to control and kill bed bugs.

How to Check For Bed Bugs At Home

If you suspect you or your family members have been bitten by bed bugs, a thorough inspection of your home or apartment is recommended. To check for bed bugs at home, the first area to begin searching is the bedroom and sleeping areas where bed bugs are most likely to be.

Before the inspection, it is recommended to clear away any unnecessary clutter in the room so as to make the inspection easier. An uncluttered room will also provide bed bugs with less places to hide.

Next, using a flashlight, you will want to inspect the seams, folds, edges and labels on mattresses as well as look at the bottom of the box spring and the back of the headboard. Another clue is to check the bedding and bed linens for any signs of dried blood or brown spots which may indicate the presence of bed bugs.

In addition, you may also want to check the closets, drawers, lampshades, nightstands or any upholstered furniture that is near the bed. If you have carpets in the room, you may also want to look underneath that as well. These are some of the common areas where bed bugs will hide other than the bed.

What if bed bugs are found at home? Take action quickly to remove them including vacuuming, applying pesticides and using heat treatment such as a mattress steamer. One can also encase the mattress with a bed bug proof mattress cover to protect against the bites of bed bugs. If the infestation is bad, the most efficient way is to contact a professional bed bug exterminator to get rid of the unwanted pests.

Also read about how to prevent bed bugs as well as using traps for detection and trapping of bed bugs in the house.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Lifecycle

How To Check For Bed Bugs In Hotels

For individuals or families who travel often, it is very important to know how to check for bed bugs when staying away from home. Before your next trip, first do a check at the Bed Bug Registry, a free public online database on hotels in the United States and Canada where travelers report incidences of bed bugs. This step alone will help you avoid and reduce the chances of any encounter with bed bugs.

Check For Bed BugsNevertheless, whether you’re staying in a a luxury hotel suite, a cabin, or a cheap motel that is reported bed bug free, it is still recommended that you always make a careful inspection of the room to protect yourself and reduces the chances of getting bitten by bed bugs.

To check for bed bugs in a hotel room, first keep your belongings and suitcases elevated off the floor and away from the beds, either on a luggage rack or the bathroom counter after you first check into the room.

Next, perform a preliminary check by pulling off the covers to inspect the mattress. Look for any signs of either the bugs, the bug skeletons or droppings. Check the seams of the mattress as they provide an excellent hiding spot for the pests.

Keep suitcases always away from the bed and zipped tight when not in use to reduces the chances of hitchhiking bed bugs coming home with you.

What if bed bugs are found in your hotel room? Don’t panic! It may be a brand new problem, brought about by the last guest who stayed in that particular room. Report it to the hotel management and request for a change of room. Check the new room for any signs of bed bugs as well.

Upon returning home from your hotel stay – whether bed bugs or no bed bugs – immediately bring your suitcase or backpacks to the bathroom and inspect it for any signs of the bugs. Have all your clothing launder and dry on the highest temperature settings to kill off any pests that may have hitchhike with you back home.

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10 comments… add one
  • Barney Woodland

    Amazing article. That bed bug life cycle is crazy. I never knew how long and big they could actually get. We really need to be more aware of them because appears they are everywhere especially when we travel. My wife is going to look into the mattress steamer for our children’s bedrooms.

  • MarcB.

    Yesterday noticed some red bumbs and rashes on my arms and was wondering what was going on with me… after further inspection found a little bugger in my bed. Was Googlin’ online and stumbled on your blog!!! Just seeing the photos on this page is giving the creeps!!!

    I’m definitely goin’ to check out some of these products you have… need to figure something out pronto… just glad it’s nothing too serious!!!

    How long do they take to clear up? Do you think I still need antibiotic? Not sure if I should see my doc since I know what it is now. Can’t be anything else…

    Very itchy and annoying. Not too painful though… also curious… how did they get up in here???


  • Shella

    This reminds of the time by brother was getting bitten like crazy by bed bugs in our home, but we all could not figure out the source. Although we first spotted these filthy creatures on his bed, we’ve cleaned them out thoroughly, but the marks kept appearing on him.

    Then during spring cleaning, my father went to shift out his drawers, and it was practically a nest of bed bugs. It was so disgusting that I almost puked out!

  • antoinette

    ugh!! just found a bed bug. my son and i had been getting bit all summer but we thought it was something else. I put a whits sheet on the sofa and finally caught one crawling. aww what do i do now!! help. does alcohol really work

  • chigirlj

    Help me plz

    How do u know if they truly gone. Here’s my story. I only heard of bedbugs when I was a like girl my dad use 2 say: sleep tight don’t let da bed bugs bite. As a kid I was like HUH. Flash fwd. 10,15 years. My older bro who keeps his house clean kept coming to our house crying bout he itch n his bump. Mom told him 2 go 2 da doctor.PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! I never heard him say nothing else bout it. So im thinking NASTY BITCHES…. So one day i hears he was buying him a new bed n i asked him 4 his old one n he told me no n once again i thought NASTY BITCHES!!! Fwd 4 months now mom waking up with big red itchy irritated welps on her for about a week straight so asked big bro n he told her bed bugs n she needs 2 get a new mattress (ding dats y i couldnt get his mattress). mom got a new mattress. Fwd 6 months sleep on da couch wake up mom whats dis? bed bug .. NOOOOOOOO!!! Stop sleeping on da couch. Present. Day mom been n my room n yesterday she tells me she put my cover on ha n she broke out with those welps again. I had been telling ha 2 stay out my room. Now I wake up dis mourning use da bathroom one on me UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

    NOW I’M WELPED UP N ITCHY. Now mind u I have not had em none dis winter or before n I checked my bed err so often m had not seen n e. Now mom’s com back from ha boyfriend n they’re in my room. N she don’t want to except they came from her. Or did they. Da ppl upstairs have them but they been up their for a min n I didn’t have n e. I have had company n my room n one guy. Da last one said he had problems with em..so cud they of came from him ha upstairs?????? One question data I do wanna no is not how they got here but how do I GET RID OF EM!!!! PLZ EMAIL SURE WAYS 2 combat ways u no r proven 2 work!!!!!!!!!…beautifulyfree@gmail.com or chigirlj@yahoo.com

  • Michelle

    We have been struggling with bed bugs for many years now. They suck (no pun intended). I just wanted to let you all know that if you sleep in another room they will follow you there so by doing that you are just spreading them. They also like popcorn ceilings so if you are wondering where they are look up. Also behind picture frames, nightstands, carpet ect. Metel bed frames don’t mean they won’t live there either because most of the time they are hollow and they will hide inside. They also really like books (they can be found in library books too so look before you check out) so when going thru your things make sure to look in all your books on the book case or by your bed. I have just read about this stuff called FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH and most people that have tried it have said that it will kill them within a few weeks of using it consistently and its pretty cheep can be bought at a pet store. Its also supposed to be pet friendly and people friendly. I am going to give it a try cause I really hate these things and am so sick of getting bit every night. Good luck to everyone and I hope that you all find the answer to get rid of these little bastards! God Bless

  • june

    I laughed and cryed when I heard Michelle call these bugs little bastards! Thats what I call them and Ive been battling them for 4 mths. Burns Pest Control have the bug sniffing dogs and 10 days after they treated my apt. they brought the dog through and said my home was clear of bed bugs. I kept being bit every few nights so Ive lost faith in the dog sniffing idea. I threw out my sofa, recliner and end tables. I covered my mattresses and boxsprings with the bedbug barriers. I must caution people from buying second hand furniture! And furniture next to the dumpsters! Its a potential bedbug nightmare! beware! I feel Ive lost part of my sanity. I vacuum and spray weekly. Im having BurnsPest Control check it again. Im very frustrated. They are truely litle bastards!

  • Angela

    little bastards are right! they are little bastards i hate these things! i can’t even stay at my son’s father house cause he has them and i can’t bring my child there. its been almost 4 months with bombing, spraying, exterminator but nothing. now im gonna shampoo every week spray every couple days, everything i want these bugs to leave so bad they have most certainly put a huge negative effect on my current living situation

  • sandra

    I think we all feel the same way these bed bug’s (BASTARDS) are invading our lives so much so that we cant get a decent nights sleep we cant have friends or family over cause we dont want them to get bit. These bastards are making my family feel dirty and miserable I just want them GONE I pray for the day cause we cant stand the site of umm nor the biting I think I may be allergic im getting these burns on my legs and arms everyday and when I shower it gets worse but it simmers down hours later. I have try’ed and try’ed soo many things dont no what else to do 🙁

  • christopharoah

    We were getting bitten by something for like 2 months and never knew what it was one night getting into bed we finally noticed 1 big bastard bed bug all full of blood running for the sheet base tore the bed apart and found all the blood stains from their poo in large clusters on the top back cornors of the mattress really gross I grabbed a exzecto knife and cut their population down (no pun intended) they squish pretty easy with a razor but can’t see their egg’s just thinking about catching the house on fire and starting over

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