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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs At Home

How To Kill Bed Bugs

Plagued by bed bugs? Learn proven removal methods on how to kill bed bugs yourself and protect your love ones.

When it comes to killing and getting rid of bed bugs, exterminators agree that there is no one pesticide or solution that works 100 percent. Many times, to eradicate the bloodsucking critters completely will require what is described as an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

With that said, the success of the treatment will also depend on the clutter that exist in the house or apartment. The more clutter there is in the house or room, the tougher it will be to get rid of them and may take months to completely exterminate the hardy pests.

While bed bugs nor their bites transmit any diseases, their bites can often be unpleasant and the last thing you want is waking up the next day with a bunch of red itchy welts all over your body.

If you suspect your house or apartment has an infestation, look for possible signs of bed bugs to confirm their presence by inspecting the following common locations where the bugs are most likely to hide:

  • Bed Bugs Infested MattressBaseboards, bed frame, head board, box spring
  • Along mattress seams
  • Window casings, sills and frames
  • Behind electrical switch plate
  • Under night stands or lamps
  • Inside and under storage drawers near the bed
  • Sofas and carpets

Proven Methods To Kill Bed Bugs

After ascertaining or confirming the presence of these nocturnal critters, how does one kill bed bugs? Well, consider a wide variety of removal methods and products, including:


You can kill bed bugs fast if you have already located their hiding spots and have a vacuum handy. Regularly inspecting and vacuuming your box spring and mattress is one effective method of reducing considerable populations.

However, do be aware that bed bugs can live inside your vacuum cleaner. For this reason, it’s recommended that after you have used a vacuum, have the content emptied into a disposable bag (rather than a filter) and clean the vacuum’s dust canister. Also, avoid using bristle or brush attachments, where the bugs can grab onto and hide. If you want to kill bed bugs, apply a little bit of Diatomaceous Earth before vacuuming to reduce the likelihood of their survival.

Bed Bugs Mattress Encasement

If you are unlucky enough to be bitten by bed bugs, do not throw away your mattress since bed bugs may also get into your new mattress if you have yet to completely eradicate the pest from your apartment or house. Instead, experts recommend getting a 100% bed bug proof mattress cover that can help you prevent the bites as well as kill off existing bugs that lay hidden deep within the mattress.

The idea behind a bed bug mattress encasement is that any bugs lurking inside your bed will be trapped and will eventually starve to death, while any new populations will be unable to penetrate the cover to get in to breed as well.

Heat Treatment

To kill bed bugs naturally, one can also make use of extreme heat. Normally, all bed bugs die at temperatures of 120°F or higher so washing and drying clothing in high temperatures can kill the tiny critters. However to kill bed bugs and their eggs in a room environment, most pest control experts recommend using heat treatment such as raising the room temperature to at least 200°F (or 90°C) to eliminate the problem.

If raising the room temperature is not possible, the next best alternative to kill bed bugs hidden deep into the mattress or sofas is with a steam cleaner.

Similarly, a quality bed bug steamer should be able to produce at least 200°F at the tip. You’ll want a dry vapor if you’re worried about damaging fabric or encouraging mold growth. Choose one that comes with several attachments to safely steam mattress, furniture, floors as well as hard to reach cracks and crevices. Also look for one with a wide nozzle with at least six inches and a large water capacity boiler to ensure seamless operation.

Bed Bug Insecticides and Sprays

In the war against bed bugs, another cost effective treatment to eliminate the biting critters and their eggs include using EPA-approved bed bug insecticide such as Steri-Fab.

To make the process of getting rid of bed bugs more effective, bed bug sprays should always be use together with other treatment methods such as vacuuming and steaming to completely eliminate the blood suckers.

Not only does a functional bed bug spray kills the bugs and their eggs, but also works as a convenient repellent to protect one against bed bugs while traveling.

However, be extremely careful about using bed bug sprays in your home, especially insecticides should never be applied to areas where you sleep. The CDC recommends calling in a certified bed bug exterminator who will offer an integrated approach to pest control that employs both chemical and non-chemical solutions.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous EarthFor long term results, one can use Diatomaceous Earth as a form of non-toxic residual bed bug killer. This naturally occurring mineral instantly kills bed bugs when they come into contact with it. Essentially, diatomaceous earth dehydrates and kills the bugs within an hour of contact and lasts virtually forever if left untouched as well as provides continuous, long-term control of insect pests.

To use, apply the powder around the perimeters of the bed, beneath the baseboards and moldings, under the bed, in cracks and crevices and along other hotspots where you suspect bed bugs may live and hide.

In Conclusion

Learning how to kill bed bugs oneself can be a long-winded and demanding task, but not impossible if done properly. In the event of a serious infestation, the smartest way to get rid of bed bugs is to get the help of professional pest exterminators who have the invested knowledge, training and equipment to guarantee the success of the operation.

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5 comments… add one
  • Jessica

    My brother died 6 months ago and his son came to live with me, they had bed bugs, so i would not let any thing from there come into my house except for my nephews big screen tv and a couple of deer heads and the few clothes he had i sprayed and dried in dryer and sprayed and dryed again. Well my husband sleeps in another room becuse of his snoring and he started to get a rash , i thought it was posion ivy becuse we were doing yard work, 6 nights ago we were gone for the evening and when we got back i noticed bugs on the wall i caught one smashed the others and low and behold bed bugs.

    I went into my nephews room and that was the site of the main infestaion when i pulled his bed from the wall the casings were almost half an inch thick i found them every where so i threw out the bed have been taking care of all clothes and curtians, bed spreads and so forth i sprayed with bed bug killer in a can and then i took a plastic table cover and duck tape and sealed off the room and let off 3 bug bombs. I went back in 3 days later and they were still there mocking me, i did notice something, i looked up and they were in the border on the top of the wall, the border that you roll out and paste so now i am tearing that down, and i also know that they are in my whole house. Because i have dogs and cats and i think they are spreading them around. I had sat with a flash light and watched them go from my nephews room down the hall to my husbands room, for some reason they dont bite me, i think its becuse i smoke like a chimney. Last night i was in the bath room for half an hr and never seen anything, but my poor husband went in and was there for 5 mins, and a big one came out and went right at him.

    I suffer from ocd and cant stand a thing out of place. and this is going to put me over the edge. So i want to thank you for these tips. My war has just begun, and will keep you posted i do have a very extensive book collection and now know i have to get rid of them and its breaking my heart. The deer heads are history i think thats where i must have missed the eggs, but to let everybody know, if you have wallpaper and wall boarder it might be where they are hiding and it will have to be taken down. Again wish me luck.

  • Rafael

    Diatomaceous Earth is th way to go! I sprinkled some around the floor and in the seams of the mattress and bingo! I only saw one or two after that. Nothing else since. If you really want to get rid of them put some behind the baseboards too and any open cracks because they might be hiding in there.

  • Pissed in CO

    Been fighting bed bugs for 4 years now. Paid out thousands. Alcohol 91% kills about anything. Must be on contact and over and over. Use professional steamer and clean your mattresses and furniture and then cover. Do this process for several months. Also found that D.E. works. Hell use it all if you can.

  • Nick

    Ive had them for two years and bug bombs and sprays rattle them up more steam cleaner doesn’t work so I’m gonna try alcohol and vinegar and alcohol and keep u informed. Steam doesn’t work either

  • admin

    Hi Nick,

    Steam cleaner does work but make sure you have the professional ones like what it was explained here http://www.usfreeads.com/2415531-cls.html.

    Ordinary house steamer won’t do a good job if the heat coming out from the nozzle is not of a high temperature.

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