What does a bed bug treatment consist of?

Your company should provide you with instructions on how to prepare the apartment, office or room for the treatment of bedbugs. These instructions usually include removing clutter (batteries or boxes of stored items that bed bugs can use as hiding places), doing laundry, and making minor repairs. Conventional treatments may be suggested for small, isolated infestations. This method of treatment requires multiple visits, but it is more cost-effective.

When applied by a trained professional, the chemicals do not pose a threat to occupants returning home after treatment, and leave a protective barrier against future infestations. Orkin can identify and help eliminate bed bugs from your home with our bed bug control and removal services. For a widespread infestation, or in cases where such bedbugs have to disappear immediately, a heat treatment is the most likely option. Articles treated with these optional controls generally do not require insecticide treatment and therefore fewer insecticides are needed.

This preparation must be completed whether you are going to perform the treatment yourself or if you hire a professional. Controlling bed bugs with insecticides is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires experience and, in many states, a license is required to apply insecticides that kill bed bugs. The complexity of getting rid of bed bugs and its impact on businesses and families make professional control vital. A full insecticide treatment should involve 2 to 3 visits of the PMP, since all bedbugs are unlikely to die in the initial treatment.

Preparing for treatment is very important, as it will make it easier to control bedbugs that have not been removed. A trained and experienced pest control technician follows strict inspection and treatment protocols to ensure complete elimination of these insects. Monitors, such as adhesive traps or bed bug interceptors, may be helpful in the weeks after treatment. It is very important to follow these instructions closely, since properly preparing the home is a very important step in any treatment process.

A heat treatment usually lasts between six and eight hours, depending on the condition of the area being treated. Depending on the company and the severity of your household infestation, there may be even more to do before treatment begins.

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